February 2018 Update

February 2018 Update

Two new homes are wrapping up this winter, if you want to call it winter. A couple remodels underway now and looking good for a May new home start.

I just finished a homeowners guide to maintenance. A very short read on how to avoid winter problems, extending the life of your furnace and more. I thought it would be a good idea to give a copy to all my customers upon completing their projects.

April 2017 Update

The boom continues here in Central Oregon!

We are working with a really fun family and their designer and we are  in the third round of drawing submittals to the design review board for a home in Crosswater. This home will have a bit of the rustic lodge look on the outside but inside we plan on having a more modern approach.

The Andrews/Crosby home on Sheilds in NWX now has a floor and we starting in on framing walls.

We just started a home in Bend for a wonderful couple that just moved here from Iowa in March. The home will be somewhat like the homes you see in Brasada Ranch. A mix of metal roofing and composition roofing. Shed roofs and gables with exposed posts and beams.

If you are considering designing and building a new home in 2018 then you need to start your process as soon as possible. Architects and Designers are very busy and you will need this time to secure a spot with them and us.