Being a Central Oregon Home Builder in winter

We just received record snowfall for Bend and yet we only experienced 3 days where we couldn’t get deliveries to our jobs. My biggest concern was waiting on the city and county to plow the roads so the delivery trucks could get to us without getting stuck. All the crews are working again and our schedules seemed to suffer very little. Spring is right around the corner, thank goodness!

2018 was a surprisingly busy year for us and 2019 looks to be shaping up to be another busy one.

Working with a couple and their architect for designing their forever home in Bend Oregon on the Lower Deschutes River. They have never built new and it is exciting to help them realize their dream.

Working with another couple on a whole house renovation. We have just started the finish carpentry and cabinet installation phase of the job. We got into the master suite remodel portion and realized that the bathroom could be so much better with some adjusting of the floor plan. Sometimes you just don’t see that something could be better until you are standing in the space.

Best to you all and thanks for stopping by,

Danny Dark