Who We Are

As a boutique building company, we guarantee you will receive the attention you deserve - from concept to reality.

Every aspect of your project is managed by Danny Dark to ensure you are
pleased with the end-result. Through guidance, collaboration, and our service-oriented approach, we'll create the home of your dreams while keeping estimates accurate and schedules timely.

Each home and renovation is a labor of love.

How We Work

Central Oregon is our home (and yours!), and we take great pride in it. In addition to quality craftsmanship, our goal is to leave Bend and the
surrounding areas even better than we found it.

As such, we are committed to using sustainable building practices.

Sustainable construction techniques contribute to a healthier future. When you start with homes that are energy efficient, you create healthy interior and exterior environments.

While part of saving energy depends on the everyday practices of our clients, we make it easy. With sustainable construction, energy efficiency is built right into the structure of your home.

Our Commitment

Part of our commitment to creating an environmentally-friendly home, is
creating a healthy home. We strive for the best indoor air quality possible by reducing the amount of VOC's (volatile organic compounds). VOC's enter the home in a variety of ways: paints, finishes, and glues to name a few.

Just like the house itself, healthy home building techniques vary by the needs of each client.

In today's market, many of the VOC's have already been eliminated or at least reduced to reasonable levels. So why is this still a concern? Today's building envelopes are so tight that any off-gas from VOC's trapped inside the home can't escape quickly enough.

We recommend one simple device which can greatly reduce the concern of
VOC's trapped inside your home: an air-to-air heat exchanger. This device exhausts a small percentage of the indoor air, while bringing in fresh air to replace it. The exchange rate of air inside the home is greatly increased and the problem has been exponentially reduced if not eliminated.

29 years of experience in building unique, incredibly crafted homes with people like you

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Winter 2020 Update

Covid has affected availability for just about every product we need for a home.

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